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Dwell on Design 2013

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

So this year’s Dwell on Design is off to a great start.  We have teamed with our favorite furniture company Fermob to co-host a booth with them in the outdoor area along with the  Southern California Chapter of the APLD (Association of Professional Landscape Designers) whom Fermob so generously lent their beautiful furniture to for their free landscape design consultations.  Here are some highlights of the show:

Dwell on Design 2013 1 (1)

This started off a little shaky since we weren’t able to even begin decorating our booth until after 3pm on Thursday.


Dwell on Design 2013 2 (1)

But by 5pm we had really made some headway. The tile pavers from Concrete Collaborative were what held us up, but they were so pretty we had to forgive them.


Dwell on Design 2013 3 (1)

We finished around 9pm and were very pleased with ourselves (okay, sounds a little cocky but at that point we were so exhausted we had to be). Because not only had we done our booth, we had also decorated the outdoor patio for Living Home’s absolutely stunning C6 Prefab Home but we weren’t allowed to start that until 4:30pm!!!!!


Dwell on Design 2013 3

Here’s the main seating area with a vintage bench and two Sixties Chairs from Fermob.


Dwell on Design 2013 2

A Sixties Table with a new “Midnight” Nantucket Series from Petersen Pottery.


Dwell on Design 2013 1

And here we used a Rust City Planter by the front door with our Plexi Numbers.


Dwell on Design 2013 4

Also for the show we used the plexi idea for these letters on a Limited Edition White City Planter in our Booth.  Thought it was cute.  What do you think?


Dwell on Design 2013 5

Dwell on Design 2013 4 (1)

But for us the biggest thing has been the introduction of our newest color on the Circle Pot…Chartreuse!  And the giant rebar tree we put it in was kind of a show stopper too.


Dwell on Design 2013 10


Dwell on Design 2013 13

Dwell on Design 2013 12

Dwell on Design 2013 11

Besides our booths, other favorites were BKB Ceramics from Joshua Tree who have also ventured out into the amazing blue tile seen above (and their pots are the photos above that).


Dwell on Design 2013 9 Dwell on Design 2013 8

These super cute Seedling “Boats” by Orta Kitchen Garden.


Dwell on Design 2013 22 Dwell on Design 2013 21

Lisa Neimeth Ceramics…which we’ve carried and loved.


Dwell on Design 2013 23

These gorgeous vases by Sara Paloma.


Dwell on Design 2013 30 Dwell on Design 2013 29

The super sexy, textured work of Josh Herman Ceramics who we fell in love with last year.


Dwell on Design 2013 19

Sunbrella was there promoting their beautiful colors and lines.  My cushions have been out for over 5 years now and I never bring them in and they are still going strong.  Rock on, Sunbrella!


Dwell on Design 2013 31

These chairs were stunning and we hope to be carrying them soon.  Super comfortable!


Dwell on Design 2013 24 Dwell on Design 2013 25

Modfire had some great new additions including this amazing riveted Modfire and their new Astrofire.


Dwell on Design 2013 6

The center outdoor area was great, designed by Shades of Green and built by Form LA.


Dwell on Design 2013

And these beautiful “Meadows” created by John Greenlee.

There is so much to see and do, I have to stop.  Dwell on Design goes through tomorrow so there’s still time to go.  Get over there!

Potted Loves Fermob

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Just came back from an inspirational meeting with one of our favorite brands…Fermob. Most people think of Fermob as the makers of the Bistro chairs which were designed in 1889 and continue to be one of their strongest selling lines today.

But Fermob has grown to be much more than their iconic Bistro chair. In fact, as our US distributors found out on their recent visit to the factory in Thoissey, France, in Europe Fermob has become the rock stars of outdoor living. So I have stolen shamelessly from their website in order to share a little of their enthusiasm with you. I know I got excited.

The factory is about one hour from Lyon and employs 200 people.

And although they use state-of-the-art technology, many items are still welded by hand.

Factory workers are both men and women, young and old. This is a lovely video showing much more of what they do:

In Paris Fermob has a retail concept store.

Talk about walking into a world of color.

Here you see the new seat pads and the new color “Prune” or plum as we Yanks call it.

New Luxembourg Rocker.

We were lucky enough to get to see one of the only two prototypes of this brand new Luxembourg Rocker that will be available later next season. Super cool (imagine that with a bad French accent).

New Monceau Low Chair.

Here is the new Monceau low chair which has a similar vibe to the much pricier Luxembourg low chair. I really appreciate that Fermob thinks about all of our customers. Don’t worry; we’ve ordered some of these for the spring. You’ll be very surprised at what they cost.

It was also really fun to be educated on some of the contract installations of Fermob furniture like this one at the Oakland Museum of California designed by Jensen Architects..

How incredible when practicality actual becomes art.

And in case you’re wondering how sturdy Fermob furniture really is…

…that’s a Luxembourg chair being hurled by that guy during an Occupy Wall Street demonstration that tried to ruin the installation in Oakland. Nothing a little touch up paint and love couldn’t fix however. The wall is back up and going strong.

Fermob Bistro on the High Line Park in New York

I posted about my visit to the High Line last year and was very happy to see Fermob in the beautiful park.

Who says Bistro isn’t comfortable to lounge in?

And of course there is the Luxembourg Gardens.

The original chairs there were actually made of steel, but Fermob makes them in aluminum which won’t rust and is perfect if you live in a coastal situation (or just want a gorgeous chair).

We’ve just ordered lots of new product to come in for spring but remember, it takes 12-14 weeks for a special order to come from France so plan ahead! We have some Luxembourg kid chairs coming, Sixties Chairs and Benches, Monceau Low Chairs, bar carts, Luxembourg benches, double top tables and LOTS of Bistro but there is so much more to Fermob so if there’s something special you want, we will be happy to order it for you.

23rd Annual Spring Garden Show

Monday, April 30th, 2012

When you think of garden shows naturally you think of malls, right? It’s such a funny concept, but the Southern California Spring Garden Show is held each year in the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa…the mother of all malls (except for maybe that one in the midwest that I’ve never been to so I really have no concept).

We came in from the Garden Bridge level so it was kind of cool to have our first view of the show to be from so far above (and neat to see our good friend Dustin Gimbel’s beautiful garden from such a high angle)

Here’s Dustin’s garden at ground level. He teamed up with landscape contractor, Laura Dalton and they are trying a new collaboration called Agave Coast. And from the looks of this garden, I think they’re off to a beautiful friendship. I love the use of the rocks to create the illusion of water and the actual water just pouring through the pot is a great magical effect. Tranquil and beautiful (and so convenient that the Apple store was right next door!)

And of course it looked even more beautiful with the Fermob Surprising Loungers we lent him along with a Julius Pot in Martini Olive.

The show is an actual competition and this unusual garden designed by Sarah Robinson was the Winner (Dustin took third). The wooden walkway was especially interesting and it was a clever use of a very small space.

The second place garden done by The Garden Gallery was also quite nice.

I especially loved this stone water table.

Besides the Show Gardens, there were lots of plants vendors. The Pelegorium Society, The Begonia Society, The Epiphyllum Society. And then you could go shopping in Crate & Barrel. It’s crazy.

And of course there were the cool rare plants that I drooled over.

But my only purchase was this very cool Cryptanthus that I wanted to put into a Campo de Fiori bowl I have on my front porch that is a place where only Bromeliads seem to thrive.

I also loved this booth from Tina’s Garden that had lots of little Fairy Garden materials and some really beautiful fairy gardens.

And these ladies made some great hyper tufa pots.

What a fun way they’ve put it together.

All in all I really liked the Southern California Spring Garden Show and will definitely check it out again next year. Wonder how it will compare to the Arboretum Show next weekend? (by the way we’ll have a booth there…you should go!)

Potted Customer’s Garden

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

One of the perks about dropping things off at a customer’s home is that we get to see what they’ve done with our products. This amazing home in La Crescenta belongs to a very good client of ours (the garden is going to be published soon so I can’t say who yet) and he has bought almost all his decor from Potted.

I really like how he’s combined our Egg Chairs and one of our tiled tables with the teak furniture. It’s a nice combo of soft and hard and plays up beautifully with the Dr Seuss quality of the Tree Aloes.

These large Snow Pole Cactus coming out of the sleek white cylindrical planters are my favorite. The glossiness of the glaze really sparkles in the bright sun and the garden is resplendent with this kind of geometric repetition.

And in case you were worried there was no color, this interior patio practically vibrates with these chartreuse and lemon planters filled with cactus and succulents.

On a lower section of the garden the vibe is more “Mediterranean Modern” with a wonderful pop of color from a Fermob Bistro Set paired with some rustic asian pots.

A Palo Verde Tree in an abundance of barrel cactus. Again, the repetition gives structure and interest to this sun drenched garden.

This fountain was created with a large cement bowl that we normally use as a fire pit (just in a larger size) that was made into a bubbler using a very large pump to get the height on the water. Weighing over 500 pounds it was not easy getting it into place, but the effect was well worth the effort.

The house and garden were truly remarkable and I hope you’ll get to see more of it soon when it is published. Until then, enjoy this little taste. We hope to bring you more “Potted Gardens” soon.

Chicago Casual Furniture Show

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

People always ask us where we get our inventory. And while there is no simple answer to this question…we find our products from all sorts of different places and when we can’t find what we want, we figure out how to make it…one great source is trade shows. This week I went to the Casual Furniture Show in Chicago. And while we don’t have the space to carry tons of furniture (does anyone out there have 5,000 square feet they’d like to give us mid-town?), the show was definitely worth the trek as I found some unique things.

First of all, Chicago is fabulous. I stayed with a friend who lives in an historic building right near the Lake and it couldn’t have been more beautiful.

At the show which was held at the Merchandise Mart, the furniture was flowing. And while a good amount of the goods looked like all the other wicker, teak and cast aluminum fare I never need to see again, there were some nice surprises.

This cast concrete furniture is not what it appears. It’s actually a fiberglass/concrete mix that is pretty light and really beautiful. This company manufactures locally in Chicago and had a good selection of tables, chairs, side tables and benches and not as expensive as you might think.  We will definitely be carrying these as soon as possible.   They even have them kid sized!

These beauties I’m really excited about. They look like woven wool bean bags, but they’re actually woven recycled plastic (a bit like Woolly Pockets) meant to stay outside (though I would love to have them inside too). We will be carrying them in both colors in early Spring 2012 (but if you just can’t wait, we might be able to get them here sooner…just let us know). Super comfortable, this outdoor chair and ottoman will give you the nap of a lifetime.

And speaking of comfort, these quilted hammocks were incredible. They kind of had a vibe like those woven seatbelt hammocks that are totally cool and insanely expensive but not expensive and insanely comfortable. It’s hard to find hammocks that aren’t run-of-the-mill, but I think we have.

From the French company Lafuma (who started in the camping equipment world), these cool hoop chairs were really nice. Comfortable, lightweight and inexpensive, I really liked these. They also had some great deck chairs that would easily go to the beach or look handsome on your patio.

And speaking of French furniture…

Fermob revealed their newest table in the Luxembourg series. Finally they have a modern table that seats 8-10!

And the Steel Grey Luxembourg low chair and ottoman was really beautiful. We used to take vintage furniture, sandblast it, hand rub it and then powder coat it in clear to get the same effect. The Steel Grey is available in all the lines but I gotta say it looks super cool in the Luxembourg.

And don’t forget the kids. Fermob showed their diminutive furniture for tykes and it’s so cute. We might have to start carrying a few of these guys. I mean, why should the grownups get all the fun?

I think this show showed that outdoor furniture is really growing up. I mean, this set really looks like an outdoor living room. The floor lamp is absolutely gorgeous and designed to hold up outdoors and not blow over (and we’re gonna have ’em). The first ones I’ve ever seen like this.

All in all, the Chicago Casual Furniture Show was well worth the price of admission (okay, it was free but still…)

Potted’s Best of 2010

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Happy Holidays and thanks to all of our wonderful friends who have helped make 2010 Potted’s best year ever. We love you all! Here are some of our best sellers and favorites from 2010:

The Circle Pot

hanging planters
Our retro-chic Circle Pot continues to sell, sell, sell thanks, in large part, to its appearance all over the Dwell on Design show back in the warmer months of summer. Features in the Los Angeles Times and many blogs helped spread the word, too. We still have the white Circle Pot in stock, and we expect they’ll be hanging around in some new and interesting colors in 2011.

The Fish Scale Pot

Fishscale Pot in Sunset

Photo: E. Spencer Toy

Just in time for the holiday shopping blitz, Sunset Magazine featured a beautiful photograph of a planted fish scale pot in their December issue. While there is still some debate about whether or not it’s planted with rosemary, lavender, or some exotic plant which only grows in Menlo Park in the photo, we’re sure it’s our favorite new pot of the season.

Beautful and Sexy Handmade Pottery by Esther Pottery and Jonathan Cross

Nothing makes us happier than finding something amazing we’ve never seen before and this year we were twice blessed with the discovery of two amazing new handmade potters, Esther Pottery and Jonathan Cross. While totally different in style, Jonathan Cross’ pots are masculine and rugged while Esther Pottery’s are organic and ethereal, both lines are exciting and every evolving and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in 2011.

Fermob, Fermob, Fermob

It seems like every time a new restaurant or coffee shop opens up in the neighborhood with an outdoor seating area they’re using Fermob these days. It’s strong enough for industrial use, and pretty enough for your patio. Look for the latest colors, styles, and more in the store and on our website in 2011.

Planted Gifts

We took our obsession with planting the unplantable to new heights in 2010. From vintage pedal cars to old chicken feeders we remain fearless in our determination to plant. Just wait until you see what we have planned for next year. Tennis anyone?

Gainey Cylinders

Our neighbors at Gainey Ceramics have been making hand-crafted tile and ceramic planters for decades. The iconic, mid-century Gainey Cylinder line’s 30 striking colors are available in either ceramic or lightweight fiberglass.

The Wok Fire Pit

Nothing draws a crowd like a big fire. The Wok Fire Pit is contemporary, stylish, and built to last. And it’s heavy. Just ask Carlos. If you’re in the neighborhood we’ll deliver it and put it right where you want it.  And if you’re not in the neighborhood, we can have it dropped shipped right to your sidewalk where you will really find out how heavy it it (but totally worth it).