Spotted @ Potted

Boxx Your Rocks!

Boxx your way to a happy plant with self-watering modern planters.

Urban Sombrero

Caution...when wearing this hat your garden may take you more seriously.

Vessel Porn

Balls your plants won't be embarrassed to be seen in.

Hangin' Around Bohemian Style

Handmade macrame planters in case you were missing the 70s.

New Blue

What better than a Sky Blue Circle Pot to whisk away your winter blues.

Hot Item

The Wok fire pit is a Potted favorite. Ships throughout the continental USA.

Brassy, baby, Brassy.

Get your brass on with these gorgeous tea light or air plant holders.

Get a grip!

Colorful and unique, tentacle inspired wall planters are sure to grab all the attention.

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