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That’s so Potted…Terrariums – Week Five

Wow…talk about down to the wire. But in the end Claire was our Week Four winner. Congratulations, Claire, on winning a Circle Pot.  After Week Five’s Voting (which ends on Wednesday 11/23 (not the usual Thursday because of Thanksgiving), Claire and the four other winners will be battling it out for the Grand Prize of the $500 Shopping Spree at Potted. The Grand Prize will be announced on December 2nd. Good luck, everyone. This has been such a great contest.

Claire's Winning Entry

And here are your Week Five (and final) entries:

(Remember you can only vote once per day and voting ends Wednesday 11/23 at 6pm PST)

1. Amanda P.

2. Cricket W.

3. Dana A.

4. Ginger S.

5. Marie E.

6. Matti S.

7. Megan S.

8. Teresa B.

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6 Responses to “That’s so Potted…Terrariums – Week Five”

  1. Timothy L. says:

    Wow, a cornucopia of um, er…I’m at a loss.

    I like #4.

    8 is intriguing as well.

    Hmmmm, speechless…

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  3. Timothy L. says:

    Hi Adios, which are your entries?

  4. Amelia says:

    I like the use of repurposed containers in number 8. Clever and eco-friendly :)

  5. Dr. Ivey says:

    El Camino, people. Nuff said.

  6. Timothy L. says:

    Go Dana, go Dana, go Dana!

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