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New Designers – Titia Estes and Susan Wong

We always love discovering new talent. It’s the best part of owning a store…people come in, show you what they’ve created and we get really inspired. In the case of Titia Estes and Susan Wong, we had the great pleasure of having a booth near them at last year’s Arboretum Show and spent a good deal of our time drooling over their wares. But what separates the wannabe artists from the ones who have what it takes are those that can deliver the goods…and Titia and Susan have done it in spades.



Titia’s work is very different as you can see. The texture is unbelievable.



“I became interested in ceramics about 7 years ago and made the transition from designing and fabricating jewelry. Because of my love of cacti, succulents, and plants in general, my first series of pots were planters of all shapes and sizes. Over the years these pots have morphed into planters that are simple in shape and highly textured.”



“The pieces textured with torn strips of clay resemble ripples of water. In contrast, the pieces textured with crisp, clean lines imply movement like the wavering lines of a pin stripe suit. Mellow brown clay, highlighted with a soft matte black glaze, create an interesting and natural surface for the planter that does not distract but, rather, enhances the beautiful color and structure of the plants themselves. Enjoy.”



Estes Pottery is already flying off the shelf here at Potted. Come see it for yourself.



Susan Wong uses ceramics in a different way…



“Pottery has been one of my passions for many years, and being from an Asian culture that highly values ceramics, I gravitated to this craft with great enthusiasm. Being of a practical nature, I have endeavored to incorporate its elements into my day-to-day life, either through the production of functional forms, ie. bowls, platters, cups, serving pieces, etc. However, over the last few years, sustainable edible gardening has become another passion, and it seemed a natural progression for me to create pieces that could be integrated into my garden.”



“Initially, I used pottery to make over 100 ollas (water jugs) which I presently use in my raised beds and containers to aid plants through the very hot summers here in LA. However, gradually, I wanted to create decorative elements which I could enjoy while toiling in my natural space. Henceforth, ever in the practical plane, a series of bells, lanterns and bird baths have evolved from this yearning. Hearing the resonance of a well rung bell evokes a sense of peace and well-being whilst being surrounded by green space, as well as an essence of just being.”



Susan has also created these dreamy tea light holders in beautiful transparent glazes. Each one throws light in a striking pattern. All of Susan’s pieces are one-of-a-kind and must be seen (and heard!) to be truly appreciated.


We are very proud to be able to bring you these two strong new artists. Susan Wong and Titia Estes…the newest and best from Potted.


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