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At Potted, we’ve been full steam ahead lately on terrariums. They’re fun and playful and they definitely get our creative juices going. Which is good because when those juices get going, often times something new emerges. Enter Mossquariums.

Actually a form of lichen, these cute little moss balls are called Marimo in Japan and are often found in aquarium supply stores which is how we discovered them. We thought, “Forget the fish, we want the pet moss!” They exist in tap water and bright, indirect light. How’s that for an easy care houseplant?

But being Potted, we also had to make them very pretty so we spent a good amount of time experimenting with environments and realized that slag glass was the answer. It’s reflective and colorful and looks absolutely amazing in a window with light coming through. And so Mossquariums were born.

You really can put anything into them…shells, rocks, tiles. We have come up with a starter kit that we sell on line or in our store, but you can personalize yours with anything you’d like.

I’ve had mine in the North facing window of my kitchen for about 7 months and it’s doing fantastic. Makes me smile every time I do the dishes. And if you’re really crazy you can probably even add a fish (though I like the zen glass and moss).

So surprise your Valentine with a Mossquarium today. They’ll “lichen” you for it more than you’ll ever know.

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