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Flea Market Follow Up & Contest Ideas

After our trip to the Long Beach Flea Market last Sunday, we thought we’d post a few photos of what we actually did with some of the things we saw there that inspired us. And how perfect that these photos might also give you all ideas on things you could create for our “That’s so Potted” Contest.


This was what we did with one of the truck parts we picked up from a vendor. I love how the colors play off each other in the reds and golds. And doing things like this is also a fun way to get youngsters interested in gardening. What little boy wouldn’t love to help you make a planting like this? (and probably some girls too…though mine would have incorporated a beheaded Barbie).

Here’s one of our “New Terrarium” ideas. We chose a dusty pink Sempervivum to pick up the rose color of the glass and planted them in a little plastic cup that we buried into the rocks to help with drainage. Terrariums are a wonderful idea for our Container Contest. What have you all come up with?

So we look forward to seeing more of your photos for the first round of the “That’s so Potted” Contest. And to clarify the rules, it’s one entry per person and the planting should be something that you did yourself. Plant on!

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