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Esther Pottery Travels On…

Monday, February 20th, 2012

It’s a little thrilling and dangerous, this new color pallet Esther Pottery has taken on, just like Point Reyes itself can be. The deep turquoises and murky grays really do capture the quality of water in that part of California. I spent a lot of my youth in those waters so even though I currently reside in Southern California, I have a deep love for that oh so freezing stretch of coast. You may not always be able to swim at Point Reyes, but you will never be disappointed with the scenery. Nor will you be with the newest from Esther Pottery.

We’re lucky that our store is close to Steve Siegrist and Renee Lotenero (who, along with their son Ethan are Esther Studios) so we are usually the first to get to see what they’ve come up with and hopefully have a few pieces to sell. I love that each piece is hand lettered and hand made and therefore not always that easy to come by, but always worth the wait.

Here are a few of mine that I’ve had for a while now. They become an addiction. I can’t wait to get my hands on a Point Reyes.

Here is a Big Sur on my teak coffee table planted with a variegated Euphorbia that clearly likes its home. That’s an Egg Chair in the background.

We don’t currently have any in the store, but I love my Death Valley planter.

This Big Sur planter is actually huge. I like putting glass and crystals into plantings. They reflect the light so nicely.

We have the only selection of Esther Pottery available on line at the present time so click on the drop down menu here to see individual photos of what’s in stock. But hurry, they go fast.