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“That’s so Potted” Contest Week Five

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Wow. With over 100 entries, the “That’s so Potted” Contest has been a huge success. This final week is going to be the hardest with 44 entries. It’s going to be difficult to vote for only one.

Here is Week Four’s winner, Jay Burns, with over 500 votes…

Congratulations, Jay. Good luck in the finals.


And here are the Week Five entries…

Remember, you can vote once per day and voting closes at 6pm on Thursday June 2nd.  Then on June 3rd, voting will commence for the 6 finalists and the Grand Prize Winner will be announced June 10th.  Good luck, everyone!

1. Belinda Freeth

2. Veronica Flores

3. Susan Weber

4. Summer Tarango

5. Soledad Lunongo

6. Reuben Munoz

7. Regina Woo

8. Rebecca Norris

9. Pat Jones

10. Nadine Freitag

11. Mary Pearson

12. Lynette Austin

13. Luisa Latham

14. Louisa Oliver

15. Lindsay Zuelich

16. Krissy Hoitt

17. Katy Cake

18. Kathy Stacey

19. John Steinmeyer

20. Jemima

21. Jake Hempe

22. Gail Cottman

23. Erica LaBlanc

24. Emily Willcut

25. David Goodwin

26. David Bershad

27. Dana DeWit

28. Corie Clapp

29. Constance Freitag

30. Cheryl Fouts

31. Ashley Afable

32. Amy Lewis

33. Virginia Shabaik

35. Sabrina Gaffney

36. Mike Ritto

37. Matt Salomaki

38. Kristina Suorsa

39. Kelly O’Donnell

40. James McNally

41. Bill Alexander

42. Vikki Jacks

43. Zan Goff

44. Joy Feuer

Circle Pots by Potted are Here

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Circle Pots by PottedCircle Pot designed by PottedCircle Pot by Potted

The Circle Pot, Potted’s newest planter, was born from  a need we heard all the time in our store — “Why can’t I find a cool hanging planter?”  Inspired by hanging ashtrays of the 60s (remember when those were all the rage?), we thought wouldn’t these be amazing with plants in them instead of cigarette butts? 

After thinking good and hard about how the planters would actually be used, we decided to design it to fit a 4” nursery pot so the plant could be watered right inside or easily taken out.  You can also plant directly into the planter by drilling a hole in the bottom.  All you need is a masonry drill bit and it’s a cinch (or you can just ask us and we’ll do it for you.) 

Available in “Orange You Glad” and “White Cloud” I can just imagine an entire tree filled with them or one hanging cheerily in my kitchen window.