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San Francisco Garden Show

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

This week I headed up to the Bay Area for the annual San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. Believe it or not, I had never been to this show so I was pretty excited. And with 29 display gardens and 200 exhibitors, I wasn’t disappointed either (though I was a little exhausted by the end of the day).

This installation was entitled “Gardenmob” done by Saunders Designs. What I loved was their use of old corrugated steel with perforated copper pipe in front as a rain fountain. It was really lovely.

The contrast of the old metal with the wood of the tree is beautiful. I was quite taken with this.

The next garden I liked was called “Urban Habitat” done by the San Francisco Academy of Art and it had the most amazing Ceanothus trees as I’m mainly used to seeing California Lilac as a bush. They were really great.

The installation was also filled with graffiti and black light which looked pretty interesting in the very low light of the exhibition hall (I had no idea they kept those places so dark).

Probably the most interesting display, to me anyway, was called “Savanna!” done by Rock & Rose Landscapes and Greenlee & Associates.

I really enjoyed how John Greenlee took the ideas from his book American Meadow Garden and transformed them into this jungle he had going here.

It was really great, complete with ceramic snakes, though not that easy to photograph.

This was a very clean, modern garden call “Serenity Lounge” by Envision Landscape. I loved the smooth stucco walls that looked like polished concrete and the built-in IPE benches that also created the planter edges.

But my favorite element (and one of my favorite things in the show) was the fire pit made of two single bands of Corten Steel. So simple and so gorgeous.

This was a pretty cool installation by Outdoor Environments and while large, wasn’t too over the top (as some of the others were). I was especially enamored by the Pitcher Plants.

And really, who doesn’t need their very own pendulum?

This garden by T.H. Norton used pervious pavers, a really cool fence design using aluminum tracks and an amazing glass sculpture from artist David Ruth.

Besides all the big installation gardens there were also smaller installations scattered throughout the exhibition hall. This was one of my favorites with its great use of reclaimed wood (I really like the way they’ve done the pattern) on all the raised beds.

And this is one kick-ass chicken coop.

This installation done by West Valley College was really creative. They used drywall braces to build this fence.

And then cut it up into pieces to make this dripping fountain. What a great idea.

And this lesson in Hydroponics from Wemco Landscapes was also really cool. They had this whole elaborate waterfall that was irrigating these edibles growing in a hydroponic media of expanded clay. Probably the most expensive lettuce you will ever buy but totally awesome.

And finally from the large installations, I really liked this fountain/table from McKenna Landscape. I have this theory that most outdoor furniture is looked at more than it’s actually used anyway so why not have a fountain that’s also a table…especially if you drink enough wine.

And then there was just fun stuff I saw. I’ve always loved those elaborate patios done with river rock…well this seems a whole lot easier and less expensive and really really pretty. This is my second favorite thing from the show.

These were glass spires you can put into your garden done by an artist named Barbara Sanderson. I think we have to carry them in the store.

Jeff Owen was another artist I liked (though I’m always a sucker for anything done in iron). It’s hard to find good garden art and his work was unique and fairly priced. The piece on the right he call “Angeles” because he says it reminds him of downtown Los Angeles. I can see it.

And what garden show couldn’t have a succulent wall? And though they are becoming somewhat standard fare, this was a particulary nice one and seemed a fit way to end this very lengthy blog post. There were many installations I left out and in the interest of being unsnarky, I’ll just leave it at that.

The San Francisco Garden Show…I came, I went, I’ll go again.

“That’s so Potted” Semi Finalists!

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

After seeing the many, many entries in the “That’s so Potted” Contest, we are down to the final 10. We’ve learned a lot about how to have a contest and we thank all of you for your patience in helping us figure it all out. We hope to do it again in the future and are open to any suggestions you have to help streamline the process. We’d also like to congratulate Joy Feuer and Soledad Lunongo for winning for Week 5. In case you hadn’t noticed, we decided to let the top two vote-getters for each week compete for the final prize so that’s why we have 10 finalists.

Let the final voting begin!

Here’s how it’s going to work…you can VOTE ONLY ONCE, period. The photo that has the most votes as of 6pm Thursday 6/9 is the winner of the $500 gift certificate.

So, (drum roll please), here are your SEMI FINALISTS:

1. John Kennedy

2. Christy Lichtenstein

3. Jane Drew

4. Nikki Caballero

5. Keith Miller

6. Daisy Shroff

7. Jay Burns

8. Diane Rieger

9. Joy Feuer

10. Soledad Luongo

Sky-High Balcony Living

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

At Potted we love to do patioscaping. Give us the juicy details…the planters, the furniture, the art, all the little elements that take your outdoor space from inhospitable to “living” and we go nuts. And recently I got the chance to do a really fun job. The space was overcrowded and lacked any life so here’s what I did…

My client is a big sports fan and I needed to find a way to integrate his “toys” while similtaneously giving the small space a sense of design.



Since all the walls were beige and, being a condo, they couldn’t be painted, I got the idea to make wood coverings. This slated wall is made of kiln dried and oiled Mangaris wood and, as you can see, totally changed the vibe of the whole place. And since my client travels a lot, the Stag Horn Fern offers him a low maintenence plant with a lot of architectural character. In a small space you need to get more bang for your buck and this really fit the bill.

In the other direction I was again struck by the lack of organic warmth the beige walls offered and decided to bring in a large piece of bark from Thailand that we added air plants to.



It’s really amazing what plants and a splash of color can do to bring a space together. The final piece was creating an intimate “living room” where he could hang out to read, have breakfast and enjoy his magnificent views.



Decorating Hint: If you are looking for one thing you can do to really make an impact on your patio and make it look like a room, get an outdoor rug.

From “Eww” to “Ahh”

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Old patio furniture. You see it on the side of the road, in your parents’ yard, in your garage taking up space. It looks ugly and it depresses you and all you want to do is throw it out. Don’t! You would be absolutely amazed at what new powdercoating and restrapping can accomplish…

These chairs and this table were really quite sad as you can see.

But with some beautiful burnt orange powdercoating and new vinyl strapping, they look brandnew. And better yet, you won’t see them at Costco. This set included 4 chairs and one 48″ table and cost about $650 plus tax to redo…a lot less than buying them new and way more satisfying since you get to decide the colors. And if choosing colors is a problem for you, we are always happy to help.

So bring us your tired, your weary, your worn out…patio furniture. You’ll be glad you did.
(Note: go to Contact Us to send photos or to ask questions about what we offer for patio furniture refurbishing).

Customizable Outdoor Furniture Designed By Potted

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Bored with the limited options available in outdoor furniture? Ever wish you could have that perfect table that looked like it was made just for you? Fear not. Here at Potted we offer several options for customizable tables, both dining and occasional, that will make you stand out in a crowd (or at least in your own yard).

Feeling a little Bohemian? We often do and love to design tables using rich ceramic tiles that we mix up into our own Potted Style. You can come by and we’ll help you pick out tiles and then design something that we’re sure you’ll like.

Custom Bohemian Outdoor Furniture

Bohemian outdoor side tables

If your style is more modern, let us help you design one of our Minimal Tables. Using Glass Tile you can pick from many different colors and patterns to create your own outdoor patio furniture.

Outdoor Dining Table

Minimal Outdoor Dining Table

The bones of our outdoor tables are professionally fabricated from steel here in Los Angeles, then powdercoated to withstand the elements in your choice of several colors.  The tile is then set onto concrete backboard so it is protected from the harsh outdoor elements year round.  Some people even love this outdoor furniture indoors.

So whether you’re looking for a glass-tiled patio table or a ceramic-tiled end table, we’re here to help you create the outdoor furniture of your dreams.  Give us a ring to schedule a free design consultation with one of the Garden Tarts. (323) 665-3801

For the Birds!

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Folk Art Bird Houses

At Potted we really delight in finding things that are one of a kind so we were overjoyed when we discovered Steve Dennis’ folk art bird houses . Using mostly found but some procured building materials, usually 50 to 150 years old, Steve repurposes landfill bound components into environmentally sensitive pieces of art for the home and garden.

In addition to the incredible bird houses that we have available at our store, Steve builds potting tables, display cabinets, shelving, mirrors, and much more.  Contact us if you’d like to get in touch with him or to see more photos .

Outdoor Potting Bench by Steve Dennis

Steve’s bird houses are very affordable, and will likely be heirlooms for tomorrow. I highly doubt that those who follow us will delight in the Tupperware we leave behind but they might enjoy a piece handed down, made by Steve Dennis!

Folk Art Bird House Closeup