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“That’s so Potted” Contest Week Two

Friday, May 6th, 2011

So the contest has been a huge success. We have had so many entries that we are going to have to increase the number we vote on each week or we’ll be doing this until Christmas.  And remember, only one entry per person (sorry we weren’t clearer about that before).

First off, we’d like to congratulate our Week One Finalist…John Kennedy.

And now for this week’s contenders…

1. Carole Bouchard

2. Jake Flaherty

3. Max Erdenberger

4. Jane Drew

5. Nikki Caballero

6. Mike Delgado

7. Jennifer Kramer

8. Michelle Derviss

9. Ann Summa

10. Allie Meyers

11. Vickie Schumacher

12. Deborah DeLaRosa

13. Al DeLaRosa

14. Lee Schamadan

15. Buck Zollo

16. Adrian Rubin