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Thursday, May 10th, 2012

A garden festival. What a lovely experience. The Arboretum, pleasing weather, exotic plants, pleasant food and, of course, peacocks. Perhaps it wasn’t the garden show that I wish Los Angeles would still have but all in all it was still a lovely affair.

There were many vendors at the Grow! A Garden Festival Event including us. Our booth was busy and we made many new friends.

As well as bringing our Circle Pots and new Orbit Planters, ur City Planters made their debut into the world with great success.

These amazing stepping stones and patterns were custom made by Leanne Emerson. She was delightful and I seemed to have many ideas. I loved these.

These new planters by Titia Estes were really exciting. We will hopefully be selling them soon at Potted.

And there were good old friends there like Bauer Pottery…

…and the ever charming Conor Fitzpatrick of Mini Farmbox fame.

And of course there were the plants.

These carnivorous plants from Mesa Exotics really caught my eye.

These Obsidian Wind Chimes were also something you don’t see every day. Handmade by husband and wife Deborah and Richard Bloom, each one was unique and divine.

Besides the vendors, there were also lectures and societies like the Backyard Beekeepers of Los Angeles who are trying to raise awareness of the plight of our local bee population.

The Los Angeles Arboretum operates year round and provides a beautiful refuge for those of us who worship our gardens. Let’s keep supporting these events. Maybe we’ll get back an actual garden show…