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“That’s so Potted” Contest Winner

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Jay Burns!


It was a valiant battle right down to the wire, but with around 400 votes, Jay was our clear winner. Congratulations, Jay. Jay brought those mailboxes with him from his New York apartment building and we think it was a very clever re-use for them. Maybe he’ll use his $500 gift certificate to get a really cool piece of vintage Egyptian Iron to put on the wall behind it. We look forward to seeing you in the store soon, Jay.

This contest was so much fun that we will definitely be doing another. Perhaps in the Fall? If you have suggestions or ideas, please let us know.

“That’s so Potted” Semi Finalists!

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

After seeing the many, many entries in the “That’s so Potted” Contest, we are down to the final 10. We’ve learned a lot about how to have a contest and we thank all of you for your patience in helping us figure it all out. We hope to do it again in the future and are open to any suggestions you have to help streamline the process. We’d also like to congratulate Joy Feuer and Soledad Lunongo for winning for Week 5. In case you hadn’t noticed, we decided to let the top two vote-getters for each week compete for the final prize so that’s why we have 10 finalists.

Let the final voting begin!

Here’s how it’s going to work…you can VOTE ONLY ONCE, period. The photo that has the most votes as of 6pm Thursday 6/9 is the winner of the $500 gift certificate.

So, (drum roll please), here are your SEMI FINALISTS:

1. John Kennedy

2. Christy Lichtenstein

3. Jane Drew

4. Nikki Caballero

5. Keith Miller

6. Daisy Shroff

7. Jay Burns

8. Diane Rieger

9. Joy Feuer

10. Soledad Luongo

“That’s so Potted” Contest Week Five

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Wow. With over 100 entries, the “That’s so Potted” Contest has been a huge success. This final week is going to be the hardest with 44 entries. It’s going to be difficult to vote for only one.

Here is Week Four’s winner, Jay Burns, with over 500 votes…

Congratulations, Jay. Good luck in the finals.


And here are the Week Five entries…

Remember, you can vote once per day and voting closes at 6pm on Thursday June 2nd.  Then on June 3rd, voting will commence for the 6 finalists and the Grand Prize Winner will be announced June 10th.  Good luck, everyone!

1. Belinda Freeth

2. Veronica Flores

3. Susan Weber

4. Summer Tarango

5. Soledad Lunongo

6. Reuben Munoz

7. Regina Woo

8. Rebecca Norris

9. Pat Jones

10. Nadine Freitag

11. Mary Pearson

12. Lynette Austin

13. Luisa Latham

14. Louisa Oliver

15. Lindsay Zuelich

16. Krissy Hoitt

17. Katy Cake

18. Kathy Stacey

19. John Steinmeyer

20. Jemima

21. Jake Hempe

22. Gail Cottman

23. Erica LaBlanc

24. Emily Willcut

25. David Goodwin

26. David Bershad

27. Dana DeWit

28. Corie Clapp

29. Constance Freitag

30. Cheryl Fouts

31. Ashley Afable

32. Amy Lewis

33. Virginia Shabaik

35. Sabrina Gaffney

36. Mike Ritto

37. Matt Salomaki

38. Kristina Suorsa

39. Kelly O’Donnell

40. James McNally

41. Bill Alexander

42. Vikki Jacks

43. Zan Goff

44. Joy Feuer

“That’s so Potted” Contest Week Four

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Week Four of the “That’s so Potted” Contest is now open for voting. Remember, voting closes for Week Four on Thursday May 26th at 6pm. Also, LAST DAY TO SUBMIT ALL ENTRIES IS WEDNESDAY MAY 25TH AT 6PM.

Congratulations to our Week Three winner, Keith Miller, whose entry is shown here.


Week Four Entries are below:  (poll is at the bottom…you can vote once each day)

1. Sandy Waverly

2. Michael Romero

3. Jill Cope

4. Jeanette Farr

5. Doug Deeble

6. Cindy Justice

7. Lily Laursen

8. Jennifer Bucsis

9. Randi Kory

10. Marion Sutton

11. Andree Matton

12. Nancy Englund

13. Jay Burns

14. Gary Thomas

15. Earl Rodier

16. Chuck Hammer

17. Pamela Garcia

18. Megan Speckman

19. Michell Babbitt

20. Diane Rieger

21. Cecile Vargo

22. Danielle Romero

“That’s so Potted” Contest Week Three

Friday, May 13th, 2011

This contest has been so great. Thanks to all of you for sending in such fabulous plantings. For future entries, remember…good photography really helps so try to think about how you’re shooting as well as what you’re shooting.

Big congratulations to this week’s winner…Jane Drew! Here is her submission…

It was a close contest that went right down to the wire and apparently the instructions weren’t clear that voting ended at 6pm on Thursday so voting continued and Nikki Caballaro then won. So, in the interest of fairness, we are declaring two finalists for Week Two.

Here are the Week Three Entries:



1. Kim Fasching

2. Mary Silveria

3. Sandy Schwarer

4. Deborah Barth

5. Denise Gavron

6. Sheri Silver

7. Vikki Herd

8. Val Loskota

9. Keith Miller

10. John & Maralee Karwoski

11. Anthony Ramirez

12. Cal Cahoon

13. Carla McMorran

14. Carol Booth

15. Catherine Brown

16. Cress Yanuaria

17. Dana Erickson

18. Kenneth Fish

19. Gayle Collins

20. Suzanne Leidner

21. Mary Mohr

22. Daisy Shroff

“That’s so Potted” Contest Week Two

Friday, May 6th, 2011

So the contest has been a huge success. We have had so many entries that we are going to have to increase the number we vote on each week or we’ll be doing this until Christmas.  And remember, only one entry per person (sorry we weren’t clearer about that before).

First off, we’d like to congratulate our Week One Finalist…John Kennedy.

And now for this week’s contenders…

1. Carole Bouchard

2. Jake Flaherty

3. Max Erdenberger

4. Jane Drew

5. Nikki Caballero

6. Mike Delgado

7. Jennifer Kramer

8. Michelle Derviss

9. Ann Summa

10. Allie Meyers

11. Vickie Schumacher

12. Deborah DeLaRosa

13. Al DeLaRosa

14. Lee Schamadan

15. Buck Zollo

16. Adrian Rubin