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Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Potted Vintage MJB Can with SucculentsVitadog Potted Vintage Planter

Have you ever sent flowers to anyone…or better yet received flowers?  They’re great for a few days and then they start getting that “not so fresh” feeling and pretty soon you’re dumping them in your composter or green bin.  Okay, at least you’re being green and recycling them, but what about the money that just got thrown into your green bin or composter?  Cut flowers can set you back a pretty penny.  

So why not send a succulent or cactus arrangement instead!  Even if you manage to kill them, you still have a great container to try again and sometimes the third time is the charm.Not all our customers realize that we can deliver just like a florist.  And now that we’ve added the Potted Gifts section to our website, you can actually pick out the arrangement you want to send and we’ll take care of the rest.  Or you can ask us to do-up something special.  Our potted designs can be funny, like our character pots or vintage arrangements, or we can do modern and sleek, like the Necco planters or the color bowls.  Delivery is extra and limited to the Los Angeles area at this point in time but who knows what lies ahead in the future.

Potted Necco Planter with CactusPotted Black Color Bowl with Cactus