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Pasadena Showcase House 2012

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

One of the nice things about being in business for a while is the relationships you get time to develop. We’ve enjoyed supporting our friends at Form LA, lending them our products and helping out when we could to enhance their amazing designs. This year their Andalusian Courtyard at the 2012 Pasadena Showcase House was really the highlight of the house (in our humble opinions) and we thought you all might like to see some photos (which technically we weren’t allowed to take so pretend you didn’t see them). But what you should really do is go see the whole house. It’s a wonderful experience and for some good causes.

The walkway coming up to the front door was beautifully landscaped by Go Green Gardeners.

I love how they’ve planted into stripes.

Here’s the Andalusian Courtyard. The designers at Form LA created two separate outdoor rooms where there previously were none. I loved the table that was made from some sort of plaster that was gorgeous.

And here they’ve used one of our Bauer Canoes on some teak furniture from Cisco Home. Lovely.

This was really amazing. Since they couldn’t actually have a fire going in the outdoor fireplace, Form LA decided to create the illusion using a ‘Sticks on Fire’ Euphorbia and a whole bunch of Tillandsias raining down on fishing line.

Pots were also beautifully used throughout the whole house. I liked very much how they kept all three of these blue pots in the same set. It was very striking.

And this Agave and Sedum in a bowl made me very happy.

This was really lovely.

I don’t think this one was done by Form LA, but I still loved it.

Besides all the beautiful planters, we also really liked the hanging lights. There were quite a few by the pool that were beautiful.

Especially this star.

And of course…there had to be succulents on the wall. But it looked beautiful.

So do yourself a favor and go see the Pasadena Showcase House going on now through May 13th.