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Sunburst Decorative Rocks

Gardens are not just about putting plants in the ground. First you need to create a structure and landscape to enhance the “story” of the plants…and adding rocks and boulders are a wonderful way to do that. One of my favorite places to go for excellent choices and inspiration is Sunburst Decorative Rocks in Irwindale.

Sunburst Rocks 53

Clearly the choices are vast.


Sunburst Rocks 32

From large boulders…


Sunburst Rocks 1

…to interesting pavers and building materials, they have it all.


Sunburst Rocks 4

But they also have a great website that shows you what is possible so you can get your creative juices flowing beforehand.


Sunburst Rocks 15


Sunburst Rocks 25


Sunburst Rocks 42

Although nothing beats actually going out there and seeing these amazing rocks for yourself.


Sunburst Rocks 50

And always leave yourself open to new ideas.  This huge boulder (it weighs one ton) ended up being a table in an outdoor living area we’re currently creating in Pasadena…and we didn’t even know we needed a table in this space.


rock table 1

Getting it into place took a forklift, six guys and the entire side of a brand new Subaru (don’t ask).


rock table 2

But the end result was, I think, worth it. Wait till you see the final posts when the garden is done…you know, when we add the plants.


Sunburst Rocks 60

I would love to get the opportunity to use all these different kinds of rocks with all their crazy colors.


Sunburst Rocks 61


Sunburst Rocks 62


Sunburst Rocks 66


Sunburst Rocks 67

I think these ones are called Rainbow Tumble. Hmmmmm…what can we come up with here?
Sunburst Decorative Rocks in Irwindale. Take a trip out to get inspired.

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5 Responses to “Sunburst Decorative Rocks”

  1. Deanne says:

    Wow, so many beauties. I tend not to look at rocks as we live in the ‘Granite State’ and my entire property has glacial debris right below the surface so I’m always cussing at the rocks. LOL

  2. annette says:

    Yeah, below the surface I’m not so fond of them either.

  3. Cassidy says:

    Wow! These rocks are amazing! Having a pretty rock really does make a big difference in a landscape.

  4. Joe says:

    I love this! Using rock props in the garden is an awesome idea. I love to collect so many rocks on nature walks and have nothing to do with them when I get home, so this will help me a lot. :)

  5. Patrick says:

    Can we see a pic of the Subaru?

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