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#putanairplantonit (or how I stopped watching Portlandia to play with Air Plants)

So to say we’ve become a little air plant crazy at Potted these days would be an understatement.  If it’s possible, we #putanairplantonit.  And Instagram has only made this obsession well…more obsessive.


air plant blog 102013-06-23

On a City Planter…doesn’t that look lovely?


air plant blog 22014-01-09

On this super groovy Skull Planter.


air plant blog 52014-01-20

In this tiny Day of the Dead candlestick holder (or is it a ring holder?)  Who cares?  If you can #putanairplantonit, we love it.


air plant blog 182012-01-19

We’ve made Tillandsia Trees with glue and Manzanita branches.


air plant blog 112014-01-29

We’ve layered sand in hanging glass containers and perched air plants on top like tiny Dr. Seuss trees.


air plant blog 132014-01-28

We’ve sat them in Tiny Ceramic Cups (don’t you just love the Concrete Diamond in the background by our good friend designer Dustin Gimbel?)


air plant blog 12014-02-02

We’ve used repetition to create simple beauty.


air plant blog 12014-01-09

We’ve done absolutely nothing and just paired the right plant with the right perch (thank you, Titia Estes, for this lovely little bowl).


air plant blog 32014-01-19

We’ve shoved them into these super adorable hanging Air Pods and hung them everywhere. (this Facebook post got 20,000 views!!!!)  Apparently we aren’t the only air plant crazy people out there.  And to that end, it got me wondering…what were other people doing with air plants?  So here are some of my favorite ideas from Instagram and Pinterest that I wanted to share to hopefully inspire you to come up with even more.  Forgive me if I don’t credit them all…honestly I don’t remember where they all came from.  I think I lost my mind one night.


air plant blog 132013-01-04

This mobile from Craft Organic in Florida made my heart swoon.  Love following them on Instagram too (@craftorganic).  If you’re interested in making mobiles, we’re having an air plant mobile class this Saturday 2/8…just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Sign up here.


air plant blog 112013-06-08

Here’s another mobile…so simple and so lovely.


air plant blog 62014-02-01 (1)

And here is the Godzilla of all mobiles.  I’ve seen many posts of this screen…it’s amazing.


air plant blog 62014-02-01

These are from Petit Beast (I love it when people watermark their photos so I know who they are).  We do a variation on this with the urchin shells, but these guys really have fabulous photos (and beautiful work).


air plant blog 72014-02-01 (1)

I would kill for these.  They are just clay slabs fired into a circle.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  What else could you use?


air plant blog 102014-02-01

This makes me pretty darn happy.  I mean, come on…#putanairplantonit!!!!!


air plant blog 42014-02-01

I’d say these go together, wouldn’t you?


air plant blog 72013-08-16

Pretty sure these are hanging up there with something called a Thigmotrope from Flora Grubb Design.


air plant blog 112014-02-01

Here’s a massive display using the same Thigmotropes.  I can’t imagine what this would cost (even wholesale) but I would love one.


air plant blog 142012-10-11

These Air Plant Frames are from local Los Angeles artist, Josh Rosen.  You can submerge the whole frame without having to take out each plant.


air plant blog 102014-01-29

I’m going to make one of these right away…simplest air plant hanger I’ve ever seen.


air plant blog 82014-02-01

This Tillandsia Tree makes mine look anemic.  I love it!


air plant blog 22014-02-01 (1)

And this is cool.  Gotta love a hot glue gun.


air plant blog 62013-10-17

This is a stunning natural arrangement.


air plant blog 122013-01-14

And here’s a REALLY natural arrangement.  This is actually an alley in Eagle Rock.  Now this guy’s got a green thumb.


air plant blog 42014-01-22

Last one because this post is getting too long.  But I think my point has been made.  You can do just about anything with Tillandsias.


So if you want to come by this Saturday and play with power tools and try your own hand at concocting an air plant mobile, sign up here and come have some fun.  And if you can’t come (or don’t live in the hood), share your creations on Instagram at #putanairplantonit.  We’d love to be inspired by you.


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2 Responses to “#putanairplantonit (or how I stopped watching Portlandia to play with Air Plants)”

  1. Nell Foster says:

    I love Air Plants. Mine happily live on my front porch requiring practically no care at all. All the designs in your post are fabulous by the way!

  2. annette says:

    Why thanks, Nell. I have a ton on my front porch too…so easy!

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