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Orbit Series Lighting

I know I always say this, but it is SO FUN to own a store and get to have super creative people bring you things that make your whole life better. Enter Maurice Connolly, metal artist.


When I first met Maurice, he was only doing the wine barrel staves as sculptural pieces.


wine barrel stave light


And while they were totally amazing, we’d already made our own Iron Spheres and didn’t quite know how to make it work.  But then Maurice had a lightbulb moment (okay, that was a bad pun but I couldn’t resist), make them into lights!  And they’ve just gotten more amazing ever since.


stave blog 1


I mean, come on…wouldn’t you want to be at this dinner party (I actually would love to see some skeletons propped up at that table).


stave blog 2


Clearly a corporate installation…but one with very good taste.


stave blog 5


Same installation.


stave blog 3


See what I mean about getting your “own private moon.”  Totally dreamy.


stave blog


Here’s an installation I just did in Pasadena in a 100-year-old Magnolia.  The clients were thrilled.


stave blog 4


And here’s a 20″ one we put up in the store a few days ago.  I actually came back last night just so I could see it in all its shadowy glory.  I really need a life.  Look at the City Planters glowing in the shadows.  I love it!


The Orbit Series isn’t for the faint of pocket, but each piece is hand-rivited and formed by Maurice and if you’re real nice, he might even come and hang it for you (especially if you pay him).  Can be wired for either 110v or 12v and chain or hemp rope length can be specified.  Custom sizing also available.

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  1. Denise says:

    Like all great ideas, this one seems inevitable. I’ve always admired those stave spheres but somehow they always seemed for “other” gardens. But lights! That’s something for MY garden. Great collaboration.

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