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New York Gift Show 2013

The best thing about owning a store is getting to buy lots of beautiful things and not having the guilt of having overindulged on myself (okay, I do confess to a few lapses of, “five for the store, one for me,” but what can I say…I love beautiful things). Every January/February there are the flurry of gift shows throughout the country but the one we prefer is in New York which, besides being a great show, has the advantage of being in New York. I don’t really think there is much explanation needed there. Just thought we’d share some of the things we bought.



Here are some of the Frasadas we love to get. I discovered these on an earlier buying trip when I stumbled upon a booth in the Global/Handmade section of the show that looked like it had been descended upon by locusts. People were throwing blankets to each other and trying to be civilized when secretly wanting to rip a coveted textile out of someone’s hand. It was amazing. But when I saw what they were all so excited about, I threw down my bag and jumped right in.



Every blanket is one-of-a-kind and what you pick at the show is what you get. Usually by the end of the first day there isn’t much left. I’ve now learned to plan every one of my shows to start at this vendor so I can get first dibs. This year I found out some people had actually bought vendor passes so they could sneak in early. Grrrrrrr.




We’ve done really well with the Turkish towels, but when I saw these African ones, I just had to get them. Similar concept…thin, dry out quickly, work great as cover ups or table cloths…but the colors were so saturated and gorgeous I just couldn’t resist. I bought the tea towels in the reverse colors for a nice combo.



If you wanted to take those towels to the beach, these very elegant baskets (that one thin line just made me so happy) would do just the trick.



And if you got cold, these absolutely stunning throws made of alpaca and synthetic wool are so soft and warm you will think you’ve died and gone to heaven. In fact I first saw these throws at the Unique LA event just before Christmas and I basically told my sister if she didn’t get me one for Christmas she could just forget about Christmas dinner. There I go being a bully big sis again.



Really liked the marbleized effect of these baskets. They would be beautiful with plants or general catch-alls. Very unusual.



This new planter by Campo de Fiori called The Echeveria was a real show stopper and I bought a few of them in large sizes too. Not sure how the natural moss will hold up if you were to use them for succulents because moss and succulents aren’t really bedfellows, but the shape of the planter is so nice it wouldn’t really matter.



This planter is also quite cool and fairly lightweight. It reminded me of one from a Belgium company whose name escapes me at the moment. It’s pretty large with a great balance of rustic and modern.



From the same company we also got these Peacock Planters which we had last year in a different finish and they just flew out the door. In fact I just featured it in my last blog post. They will also be available in a celedon green.



Then there’s the truly unusual. Whenever we go to any show we are always hoping to find something that makes us stand up and say, “Wow, I’ve never seen that,” because unfortunately or not, we’ve seen a lot. And these planters by a local Brooklyn artist did just that. Previously he did objects for huge events and store displays but decided to create a line that can be more easily reproduced to keep costs in check and make it more affordable. I didn’t buy this huge one (not practical or affordable), but the following are so amazing I just can’t wait until they arrive.




We will have several sizes and styles arriving in 8-10 weeks which will be well worth checking out.



Anything with birds usually peeks our attention and these cute beverage dispensers definitely did that. The ice sits separately in the center and the little bird sits invitingly on the spout waiting for you to pull.



Also these Bird Vases from Chive were fantastic. Sort of the Adams Family meets Downton Abbey. I loved them. We also got some really great little colored planters and vases from Chive as well.



And finally these beautiful bells we didn’t get (yet) as we’re on the fence about cost but not about beauty. But they are handmade by a really talented artist in Brooklyn (hmm, a lot of talent in Brooklyn it seems). She also made these:




So that was the New York Gift Show highlights. We also purchased some beautiful jewelry, linen scarfs, gifts and lots more. Three straight days of walking from 10am until 6pm writing orders. You can start playing those violins for me right now.


Some items will be arriving right away and some will take their time so please visit us often to see what’s arrived.

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