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“That’s So Potted” 2013 Week 1 Entries

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Very excited about the first week of entries for the 2013 “That’s So Potted” Contest. Here are this week’s entries in no particular order. Please click on the photo you like best and cast your “Like” if you feel so inclined. Deadline to submit for next week is June 13 at 6pm PST.


So Potted 2013 1

1. From Irene


So Potted 2013 2


2. From Barbara


So Potted 2013 3


3. From Nancy


So Potted 2013 4


4. From Javier


So Potted 2013 5


5. From Loree


“That’s So Potted” Contest 2013 Facebook Edition!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

It’s Spring here at Potted and many of you have been asking about our annual “That’s So Potted” Contest. You’ve got succulents on the brain and you’re just dying to find a weird place to plant them. Okay, we understand. We have similar issues.


Entry from last year's contest.

Entry from last year’s contest.


But we have also been saddened by so many of you who have said you don’t want to participate any longer because you don’t feel the voting is fair…WELL WE THINK WE HAVE THE ANSWER–FACEBOOK!!! By voting on Facebook, only one “Like” can be cast per person and the voting pool will be opened up to many more of our Facebook followers. So to that end, please welcome…

“That’s So Potted” Contest 2013 Facebook Edition!

As before, the winner will receive a $500 shopping spree at Potted to purchase absolutely anything they want in our store and because we have an online store as well as our Los Angeles location, the prize is open to anyone in the Continental US.

Here’s basically how the contest will work…

Each Friday starting June 7th, five of that week’s entries will be individually posted on Potted’s Facebook Page where people can “Like” their favorite entry.  Whoever has the most “Likes” by 6pm on the following Thursday wins the round. Each weekly round winner will be eligible for the final round which determines the Grand Prize $500 gift certificate to Potted. There will be 4 rounds and then the final round with the winner being announced on July 9th, 2013.


So please get planting and send us your most imaginative creations…



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Lots of ideas from our Pinterest Boards.

Here are all the rules and deadlines:

1. Take a photo of your most creative container planting. You must have created the planting yourself and have the rights to submit any pictures. ONLY ONE SUBMISSION PER PERSON FOR THE ENTIRE CONTEST. No purchase is necessary to enter or win. This contest is void where prohibited or restricted by law. By entering you agree to all rules and decisions of the contest as decided by Potted and agree to have your photo and name used in any promotions for this or future contests without claims to royalties or remunerations for such use.

2. Email your photo along with your name and contact info to A medium or high resolution is preferred. No thumbnail photos PLEASE! Potted reserves the right to choose not to run any photo in the contest for any reason and will not run more than 5 photos each week. Potted reserves the right to run an earlier entry in a later week.



(Note: JUNE 27th is the last day to submit a photo to the contest)

3. Send your friends to our Facebook Page to “Like” your entry. “Liking” tabulations END AT 6PM PST THE FOLLOWING THURSDAY (except for Fourth Week which ends Wednesday 7/3 at 6pm due to the July 4th Holiday). Voting for the Final will begin on July 3rd immediately after the last week’s winner is announced and end at 6pm PST on TUESDAY JULY 9TH with the winner being announced immediately thereafter.

4. You don’t need to live in the Los Angeles area to participate. We ship throughout the Continental United States and anyone who lives there is eligible to enter and win.

SO GET PLANTING!!! Remember Week One Photo Deadline is June 6th. It could be you who walks away with the $500 Shopping Spree at Potted.

ModPod Birdhouses by Heather Rosenman

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

So freakin’ excited. We have been wanting some amazing birdhouses but none have floated our boat…too expensive, too cheap, too “I’ve seen it every where.” So imagine our delight and happiness when Mary met ceramic artist Heather Rosenman. And now they are here at Potted…ModPod Birdhouses.

A New York native, Heather graduated The Cooper Union with a BFA in Design and received a postgraduate-level degree from the Basel School of Design in Switzerland. After achieving creative director in the world of branding design, she decided to escape. Fascinated by the flexible construction and surface techniques inherent to ceramics, her functional work pays homage to mid-century concepts and ideas. Heather’s sculptures have shown nationally, most recently in The International Cone Box Show, a travelling show that concluded at NCECA in Houston, Texas (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts).

“Clay is an art medium made from the elements of nature. My hand-thrown birdhouses are the result of a desire to create functional, ceramic design for nature. Clay deeply resonates with me; I love the way it feels in my hands, driving me to cultivate dynamic form, surface texture, color and usability. Where will it take me next?”

Besides being beautiful aesthetically, Heather has done her research to ensure the entry hole on her birdhouses will attract finch, chickadees, wrens and smaller birds, keeping sparrows out. Welcome more birds into your garden with a place to hatch their young so you can watch the wonder!

No two are the same, each one more beautiful than the next. ModPod Birdhouses available now at Potted.

By Hook or by Trook

Friday, April 26th, 2013

A Trook? Is that a typo? Has Annette been drinking too much compost tea again? Hah! No to both (though the compost tea can be quite delicious). A Trook is very simply a tree repurposed into a hook…a Trook! Genius.




The brains behind this brilliant concept of reuse is artist Geoff Fisher of Geoffrey Fisher Designs in Buckinghamshire, England. Buckinghamshire…doesn’t that name conjure up images of Robin Hood (or is it just that compost tea again)?



Okay the reality is Geoff is a very humorous man whom I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with and would be happy to meet in person one day. As he explained in an interview given on William-Sonoma’s blog: “The word “Trook” comes from the words “Tree” and “Hook,” which I made up because it seemed to fit perfectly with the nature of the product and describes exactly what it does. Like a lot of designs it came about almost by accident when I had to cut down a tree in our garden. I tried to save part of it in a useful form, so I made a number of hooks for the studio. I first started selling them in a London East End store called Mar Mar Co and they took off from there. Part of their attraction is their individual character but also the label that accompanies each one and tells you exactly where it came from and which type of tree.”



I love that you know where each piece comes from. The batch we just received at Potted came from Penn Wood and are from a Beech Tree.




Geoff shared with me how it was still quite chilly when he gathered our little trooks and I tried not to be too cruel when informing him that I was wearing a tank top and sandals. It’s a tough job living in Los Angeles, but someone has to do it.



They are very useful and put a little smile on my face to think about their journey over the pond.



Trooks. Available in three sizes, Small 4″ $14, Medium 5″ $18 and Large 6″ $22. Purchase them in our store (you know, the one in sunny Los Angeles) or online here.

Synthetic Lawn…Did She Do It? More Getting Ready for Open Days 2013.

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

So when our story ended last week, I was having a quandary, “Do I try synthetic grass so I can have the perfect yard in spite of my destructive (yet adorable) four-legged beasts or do I just sod or maybe something else?” I’ve been working every spare moment to get everything into potted glory for the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Tour and my lawn was, if you remember, beyond yucky.



Thank you for the emails I got trying to give me solutions. Most people were open minded about the synthetic as it’s come a long way, baby, but really wanted me to ponder all the alternative first, which I did. But at the end of the day what I really wanted in my 192 square feet of lawn was lawn. So I had the synthetic grass installed (I’m not the kind of person who mulls things over for too long which is why I got engaged on the third date to my husband of 20 years…works for me).



Looks pretty nice, huh? It’s from a company called Turfevolutions and was recommended to me by Joan Grabel of Park Slope Design (a fabulous designer who did another garden on the tour). It looks and feels absolutely amazing (make sure to get the kind with gold in it so it looks even more like California grass). The only thing I will say on the negative side is cost (yikes…glad I only had 192 square feet) and the fact that it glistens a bit in the sun…but that makes it looks like it’s just been watered (or at least that’s what I tell myself). Even the last issue of Garden Design Magazine (may it rest in peace) had an article singing its praises. Anyway, all three dogs seem to be fine with it and I just capped 6 sprinkler heads. I’m happy. When you take the tour (because you are, right?) find me and let me know what you think.



So since it is “A Potted Garden” of course it has to be decked out in all our newest and coolest products for the tour. I’ve been dying to have a City Planter by my front door and when someone changed their mind on an orange Color Blocked one we did custom a couple of weeks ago I knew that was the way to go.


Then I got to put on the new Plexi-Numbers we just designed and I was even more excited (I know, I need to get out more). But it looks pretty cool, don’t you agree?



And here’s the whole entry. Wait, I was only going to tease you so you’d be sure to come and see for yourself. Okay, no more wide shots.



But here’s a cute little concrete Owl we sell sitting to the left of the door…



And here’s an amazing Campania pot to the right I’ve topped dressed with rocks like I saw at last year’s SF Garden Show.



We love top dressing at Potted…it takes a planting from ordinary to extraordinary.



And you don’t have to always use rocks or glass. Succulents are one of my favorite top dressings and sometimes, as in the case of this container, I add in little things that are meaningful but I really have no idea what to do with like the “face” rock my now teenage daughter made for me when she was 9 or the painted red valentine rock my grandson gave me a couple of years ago. Putting them into arrangements like this is the perfect way to give them a permanent home.



I find that sempervivums (hens & chicks) make the best top dressing (with echeverias running a close second) but as with all living things, they need to be freshened up every so often. I’ve added this different variety into the front here and used it again…



…on the top of my Julius Pot that was filled with Sunburst Aeoniums. Sometimes it’s hard to add new plants into an existing planting so I find that a good plastic chopstick is an excellent tool to help work out a little opening and guide the “tail” of these babies down where they can root.



When this totally fills in and the whole bottom of the pot is a carpet of rose colored sempervivums, this is going to be stunning.



And lastly (at least for today), I’ve taken one of our Wedding Cake Planters and just stuffed it with sedum. I love it. I never understood why this planter didn’t take off…it makes plants look so amazing and it actually has a drain that we designed so it doesn’t have to have a separate saucer. Sigh, I guess we just aren’t going to be fully appreciated as designers until we’re dead. I guess there could be worse things (like actually being dead).


So that’s this week’s tease for the Open Days Tour. Remember you can purchase tickets here, or get them the day of the event which is May 5th from 10am-4pm at the lead garden at 2333 Fern Dell Drive in Griffith Park. Be there or be square!

Getting Ready for Open Days Tour

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

The Garden Conservancy is dedicated to preserving America’s exceptional gardens. It’s written right there under its name in any literature. Exceptional. So you can imagine what an honor and how excited I was to find out that my garden had been selected to be on this year’s Open Days Tour for Los Angeles. Excited…and then pure panic. Yeah, sure, they liked my garden enough to want it on the tour but now it had to be “exceptional”! So I decided to rip my driveway out.



At some point my driveway became the land of broken pots…one of the perks (or not depending on your perspective) of having a store.  Something got chipped and I took it home. But everything was mismatched and worse, nothing could stand the burning heat of all that concrete. I always longed to cut it up and grow Dymondia between the pieces. So we cleared off, no kidding, 50 pots and I gave them all to my sister. She better be a lot nicer to me.



Then we started drawing how we wanted the lines to be cut. I knew I wanted to grow Alphonse Karr Bamboo (can’t get enough of those stripy stalks) on the side to finally hide our neighbor’s house, but it was a real trick to get a pattern going with the lines so they seemed random in width. It’s such a long narrow path, it seemed important that they not be so perfect.



Here’s a view from upstairs before the fence went in and also before we randomly cut off the ends of some of the pavers so they were more chopped up.



And here’s the final view with the bamboo planted. Since this photo was taken I’ve added or am adding a potting bench and little shed, more pots, a small fountain and crossing my fingers that the bamboo gets a little height before the tour. I can’t show you everything because then you would have nothing to live for (and wouldn’t come to the tour!)



So since as they say, the devil is in the details, following are some of the things I have repotted or added to punch everything up. This huge pot was from a landscape client of mine who didn’t want it so I planted it with an Acacia purpurea which unfortunately is still going to be quite stick-like for the tour, but I love underplanting…



…and think these will get a chance to fill in by May. Succulents make such good housemates for an acacia.



And I love the detail of this cork pot giving me some height. I’m sure as things mature I’ll make adjustments but that’s the fun part.



Here’s an old Bauer coffee mug with Jade that I’ve put on the ledge of my outdoor shower. Much prettier than shampoo bottles.



This is a Furcraea macdougallii I underplanted with aeoniums. I don’t know how long it will last in that pot as these guys get huge, but I think they’re pretty slow growing and I just couldn’t resist the squid-like quality.



Here is my extremely pathetic piece of lawn…



…and here are two of the three cute reasons it looks that way. I only have that patch of lawn so the dogs would have a place to, you know, enjoy, and they’ve just destroyed it. I’m thinking synthetic. It really has come a long way. I can’t look at that sad dirt and weeds any more. Opinions?



Using slag glass to keep the gates open. Much prettier than a brick.



These pots were being made at Gainey Ceramics before they closed down ceramic production. I’m so happy I snagged one.



And this beautiful little pot was a gift from Sara of Petersen Pottery, a prototype for the evolution of the Nantucket series. The plant is a Monadenium schubei from Tanzania that I just bought from California Cactus Center for a million dollars but I couldn’t resist. I also refreshed the Geo Planter by Kelley Lamb and my Julius Planter. It’s a lovely trio.



On the other side of my house I also decided to do a bunch of work. I added this Modern Bench from Campania on the fig tree patio that actually started Potted (another story for another time). All the walkways around this patio were mismatched and sinking so we ripped them all out and laid pavers with tile that matched the patio.



My favorite thing about this bench (besides it being gorgeous) is that it’s totally customizable. Here I’m making it a planter but you could easily add a fountain insert or a longer bench or a corner piece for two benches or…lots of options. Best Modern Bench ever.



And next I’ve got to replant the baby’s tears that got wiped out in the construction.


Please come to the Open Days Tour on Sunday May 5th from 10-4 if you want to see how it all turns out and lots more. Besides my house, there are 5 more amazing gardens in a three-mile radius that should make for an amazing garden gawking afternoon. Tickets are available for purchase on the Garden Conservancy Website and also on the day of the event at the lead garden which for us is Ferndell Park. So come and better yet, become a member!

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