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That’s So Potted Terrariums – THE FINAL

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

It’s finally here, the battle of the That’s So Potted…Terrariums. Week Five voting just ended and in a battle down to the wire, Dana A. won in a stunning victory. We have had some really great entries. People have shown amazing creativity but there can be only one over all winner and you all are going to have to decide who it is. So get voting because by 6pm PST on Thursday 12/1 someone will win the $500 shopping spree at Potted.

Drumroll please…


1. Dan L.

2. Claire

3. Greg T.

4. Timothy L.

5. Dana A.

That’s so Potted…Terrariums – Week Five

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Wow…talk about down to the wire. But in the end Claire was our Week Four winner. Congratulations, Claire, on winning a Circle Pot.  After Week Five’s Voting (which ends on Wednesday 11/23 (not the usual Thursday because of Thanksgiving), Claire and the four other winners will be battling it out for the Grand Prize of the $500 Shopping Spree at Potted. The Grand Prize will be announced on December 2nd. Good luck, everyone. This has been such a great contest.

Claire's Winning Entry

And here are your Week Five (and final) entries:

(Remember you can only vote once per day and voting ends Wednesday 11/23 at 6pm PST)

1. Amanda P.

2. Cricket W.

3. Dana A.

4. Ginger S.

5. Marie E.

6. Matti S.

7. Megan S.

8. Teresa B.

That’s So Potted…Terrariums-Week Four

Friday, November 11th, 2011

It was an exciting week with lots of different kinds of terrarium entries–some contested, some insulted (can we stop this?) and some just plain crazy.  A big congratulations to Greg T. for his very cool French Press (I now know what to do with the 6 I have); he is the lucky winner of this week’s Circle Pot and is in the running for the grand prize of a $500 shopping spree at Potted.

The final week to enter is Week Five so get your terrarium photos in to me by 6pm 11/17 (

Greg’s Winning Week Three Entry

Here are the entries for Week Four:

(remember, you can only vote once per day and voting ends at 6pm PST on Thursday 11/17)


1. Barbara S.

2. Michelle S.

3. Mahshed H.

4. Lori G.

5. Danielle T.

6. Claire

“That’s So Potted…Terrariums” WEEK THREE

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Well Week Two was a real contest right down to the wire but Dan L. was the clear winner of this week’s Terrarium Madness. Congratulations, Dan, on your tiny little terrarium world.

Here are the Week Three Entries… Vote away!

1. Allison C.

2. Rachael R.

3. Nancy L.

4. Mia S.

5. Lisa T.

6. Jenny T.

7. Greg T.

8. Diane F.

9. CorrieLee K.

10. Sylvia B.

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