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Seeds in a Bank?

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

At Potted we sell Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, but because their selection is so enormous (1400 plus choices) and quantities of heirloom seeds are limited, Baker Creek doesn’t sell that many varieties to other retailers. So because of that, every trip I take to the Bay Area, I always try to stop in to the Seed Bank in Petaluma.

The place is just gigantic (it really was once a bank).

And the selection can be mind boggling (I counted 22 varities of Okra online).

It’s a fun place to go even if the only thing you want to see is the bank vault filled with organic seeds. So next time you’re in the arm-wrestling capitol of the world (or at least it used to be), make sure you check out the Seed Bank. Just remember though, they are closed on Saturdays.

The Edible Front Yard Book Signing

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Please join us on Thursday, April 7th at 6:30 pm for munchies, a book signing and what we’re sure will be a lively conversation on edible gardening. Author of “The Edible Front Yard”, Ivette Soler, is a warm and engaging authority on this very current subject and we’re sure you’ll walk away with new inspiration and ideas on how to cultivate a food producing front yard while making it look fabulous. At Potted we’re huge believers in this concept and don’t think you ever have to sacrifice form for function.

Hope to see you there!

For more information on Ivette Soler, please check out her blog   It’s a good one.

From Seed to Skillet Success at Potted

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Well our St. Paddy’s Day may not have been filled with green beer, but we got something much better…Jimmy Williams and Susan Heeger talking about their new book “From Seed to Skillet.” The evening started off with a great flat bread pizza and sinful sweet treats from our wonderful neighbors The Village Bakery. Then we went all out with wine and Pellagrino using our super fancy Govina PBA-free plastic wine glasses. With the crowd sufficiently full and drunk, Jimmy regaled us with tales of his grandmother and even shared his special recipe for amending soil (but to find that out, you’ll have to buy the book).

The talk went on for quite some time and everyone learned a lot (for instance, I didn’t realize that plants take more nutrients in through their leaves than they do through their roots…just make sure to spray them from underneath.) Buy the book; it’s all in there. Jimmy sells at the Santa Monica and Hollywood Farmers’ Markets and will also allow you to come to his Silver Lake nursery by appointment only.

Sky-High Balcony Living

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

At Potted we love to do patioscaping. Give us the juicy details…the planters, the furniture, the art, all the little elements that take your outdoor space from inhospitable to “living” and we go nuts. And recently I got the chance to do a really fun job. The space was overcrowded and lacked any life so here’s what I did…

My client is a big sports fan and I needed to find a way to integrate his “toys” while similtaneously giving the small space a sense of design.



Since all the walls were beige and, being a condo, they couldn’t be painted, I got the idea to make wood coverings. This slated wall is made of kiln dried and oiled Mangaris wood and, as you can see, totally changed the vibe of the whole place. And since my client travels a lot, the Stag Horn Fern offers him a low maintenence plant with a lot of architectural character. In a small space you need to get more bang for your buck and this really fit the bill.

In the other direction I was again struck by the lack of organic warmth the beige walls offered and decided to bring in a large piece of bark from Thailand that we added air plants to.



It’s really amazing what plants and a splash of color can do to bring a space together. The final piece was creating an intimate “living room” where he could hang out to read, have breakfast and enjoy his magnificent views.



Decorating Hint: If you are looking for one thing you can do to really make an impact on your patio and make it look like a room, get an outdoor rug.

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